The Wayside Inn Addition

Location: Ellicott City, MD

The problem: The owners and innkeepers at The Wayside Inn needed to expand the common areas of the Inn and also add another guest suite.

The solution: We’re honored to have been selected to build this essential addition of a sunroom, roof top deck, and an additional guest suite, including a Jacuzzi tub and fireplace, to the Inn. We worked closely with the owners to construct a highly functional space, while respecting this historic space and protecting the integrity of this important landmark in Ellicott City.

The Wayside Inn is located near an original portion of the Old Columbia Turnpike, established in the early 18th Century. An original milepost still stands about 200 yards south of the Inn with the inscription “2M to E.C”. Additionally, a historic tree (circa 1780) stands proudly on the front property.

The Innkeepers, David and Susan Balderson, tell us: